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#36: Answering the age old question ”What’s for dinner?” with a climate friendly answer and creating a meaningful user experience - KURI co-founder: Baptiste Malaguti

August 3, 2022

We're solving the problem of the age old question "What's for dinner?" in this episode of the Talkin' Solutions podcast by highlighting a solution that gives a climate friendly answer and a user friendly experience to learn about new recipes.

I sat down with the co-founder of Kuri Baptiste Malaguti to discuss how his platform uses a user friendly algorithm to recommend climate friendly and locally sourced food to provide you with nutritious recipes that fit your dietary needs. 

In this episode we discuss:

👉 The importance of creating a product with the best user experience possible

👉 How Kuri empowers consumers to get climate friendly recipes delivered in an easy and accurate way through their algorithm

👉 Kuri's plans to revolutionize the way we do online shopping for convenience, climate friendliness, and sourcing locally

👉 Key decisions they made in their product development lifecycle to ensure the user experience is not compromised

👉 Why the way we source and shop for our food has resulted in negative effects to the climate

Check out Kuri and how you can get curated recipe recommendations based on your interests by visiting their website.

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